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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Cindy and I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve created this site specifically for creative thinkers looking for motivation to live the life they’ve always imagined. The scariest steps are the first ones, so I’m going to help you take them. Whether you’re building a website, a personal brand, or a fashion empire, I’m here to share my knowledge and the encouragement that you can do it and, if you are motivated to learn, work, and grow… then, beautiful, YOU WILL DO IT

About Me

I’m a native San Franciscan who loves big city living and classic Hollywood glamour. When I’m not working in the people industry, you’ll find me planning and designing my fashion line, taking care of my grandmother and our Pekingese, Sookie, or eating sushi. I graduated with a Bachelors in Economics and was awarded “Most Promising Writer of the Year" by the California Writer’s Club in 2013. I am a strong advocate of promoting and patronizing local businesses and ethical fashion and believe that individuals can change the world. Take a moment to join our mailing list below, which will keep you up to date on everything new and exciting at Glamour Therapy and bring the love right to your inbox.